Generating New Revenue

Leveraging idle hospital assets

We provide your hospital with the non-clinical infrastructure that will give a physician a reason to use your hospital for laboratory services.

Element Healthcare Partners - For Hospitals
Element Healthcare Partners is patient first

Did you know the non-hospital patient market comprises over 60% of all laboratory testing and Independent Clinical Labs control 65% of this testing?

Element Healthcare Partners can help you expand your network

Did you know that most hospitals access less than 25% of the potential physician practices in their area?

Element Healthcare Partners takes compliance seriously

Did you know that laboratory services account for over 35% of leakage for most hospitals?

Element Healthcare Partners knows technology

Hospitals struggle in this market because they lack the non-clinical infrastructure that is needed to attract potential physician practices.

How We Generate New Revenue for your Hospital

Element Healthcare Partners utilizes innovative diagnostics


We provide the health information exchange platform necessary for bi-directional connection between the hospital and the physician office.

Element Healthcare Partners delivers rapid reliable testing

Logistics & Staffing

We provide the logistics and staffing services that ensure physician ordered laboratory tests are properly collected and sent to your hospital.

Element Healthcare Partners allows you to offer clear and concise reports

Customer Service

We provide all customer support for the physician, the practice, and the patient so that your hospital can focus on clinical service.

Element Healthcare Partners allows your hospital to continuously improve

Supply Chain Management

We manage the supply needs for physicians using your hospital.

Element Healthcare Partners allows you to enhance your customer service

Provider Marketing

We employ marketing staff in your area to educate physicians on the services and infrastructure you offer.

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